No setup needed

Get started in few seconds, just send a json file and forecast data will be available in the same json format.

<< History
    "date": "2018-01-01",
    "stock_unit": 298
    "date": "2018-01-02",
    "stock_unit": 252
    "date": "2018-01-03",
    "stock_unit": 274
Forecast >>
    "date": "2018-01-04",
    "stock_unit": 267
    "date": "2018-01-05",
    "stock_unit": 237
    "date": "2018-01-06",
    "stock_unit": 208

Use cases


Avoid stock outs, understand product demand and improve planning.


Forecast if one or more customers will exceed their plan limit, understand what features will be more used.


Scale and plan more easily by forecasting recurring peaks, reqs/s or online users.

Sales forecasting

Forecast MRR, growth rate, churn rate, CAC and other key metrics for e-commerce or saas business.


Forecast recurring issues/events and active/online users for planning maintenance or make better decisions on your business.

Managed AI infrastructure

Do not worry about VMs, servers or neural networks, you just need to call our API.

We automatically maintain our AI infrastructure and train data for you. Forecast data is then available via API calls.

See API docs


Get started for free, upgrade when you need more.


0.00 / month

  • 30 Forecasts / month
  • History: max. 1000 data points
  • Forecast: next 50 data points


    No credit card required


    $ 23.00 / month
    14 days free trial

  • 100 Forecasts / month
  • History: max. 10000 data points
  • Forecast: next 500 data points



    $ 75.00 / month
    14 days free trial

  • 300 Forecasts / month
  • History: max. 100000 data points
  • Forecast: next 5000 data points


    Included in all plans

    included Dashboard

    Create or download your forecasts from our easy to use dashboard.

    included Security

    All data transfers are done via HTTPS, files are then encrypted when they touch our servers.

    included Integration support

    We can help you to integrate our API into your services.


    What payment methods do you accept?

    Payments are processed and collected by, they accept Paypal and all Credit Cards.

    Can I use any data?

    Most of the data will work fine, however forecasts work only when our AI can recognize or detect some sort of pattern or trend (i.e. you cannot use random data).

    Forecasts are 100% accurate?

    No, is it impossible to generate such accurate forecasts, accuracy depends on multiple factors including AI and history data.

    Forecasting model

    We rely mainly on Generalized additive model (GAM) but we also use multiple open source projects to improve the accuracy of the forecast.

    See full FAQs

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